Reality Bites

For the past few days I have been hoping to write a wish list of what I wanted to achieve this year. A recent event has somewhat overshadowed this.

I handle some of the web work for the Physics department at The University of Oxford. Some of you may have read this in the news recently. I wasn’t in the department yesterday, but I was pretty shocked finding out about it from the national news. A few less reputable outlets even seemed to be trying to wring a Morse style story angle. Having worked with Steve in the past I found some of these reported aspects difficult to believe. I can only imagine what his poor wife Linda is going through right now, but I find this more recent article far more even-handed and believable.

The whole thing was feeling completely unreal until I was asked to remove his name from this term’s lectures and put up notices on the web. In the past I have had a tendency to try to channel something creative from sad news. I’m still feeling deflated at present, but hopefully this will come shortly. Rest in peace Steve, you were greatly respected and well-loved within the department.

Going back to my original plan, here is a list of things I hope to achieve this year. I’m not trying to be overly ambitious here, but hopefully I can look back at the end of the year to see how I did:

1. Finish editing Etiquette. I really want to finish this now. We have a rough cut, but not much has happened since. That said, I have seen it a few more times now so I am aware of some things that really need to change. Lead actor Alex Babic contacted me recently to saying that if it can be ready by February 10th his agent would like to put it into a showcase he holds at BAFTA every year. Sadly I haven’t managed to get hold of Sherilee despite trying a couple of times. If I haven’t heard anything over the weekend, I will finish this myself. And here was me saying I wasn’t going to edit it myself…

2. Try and do more editing/composing for other projects. I have Family portrait lined up around February. I’ve also offered my musical services to a friend who wanted a different soundtrack for one of his work videos. This has been occupying my time over the last week. Whether it actually gets used still remains to be seen, but if not I’ll release it here anyway. Being a favour it is unpaid but there are still certain other benefits such as a good piece for the show-reel, a few free beers and the potential of using his employer as a location in the future.

3. To do more camera tests, such as lighting, green-screen and special effects. I really need to push myself and should experiment with these more. Would also give me something to blog about – even if it the tests turn out to be a failure!

4. To make at least one other short. Spare Change should fill this void nicely, although I can already feel the February/March deadline begin to slip. But I am definitely still up for this and want to make it this year, preferably in the first half!

5. To find an elusive Feature to consider. Flanders is a long haul project, it’s ambitious plus the script isn’t there yet. I need to consider an alternative to fill the voids which are created by Flanders . I really fancy tackling a thriller or horror for this. If there are any writers out there reading this?

6. To continue blogging and networking. I was hoping to organise a new addition on this blog for this called “10 questions with” where I ask 10 questions with other film-making folk I admire. How often I do this, I have no idea. I have a couple lined up for this already.

7. To remain being a good Dad to the kids whilst doing all of this. Easily the hardest thing on this list and the one which will take precedence over all other points above!


One response to “Reality Bites

  1. You know, I do this all the time. I put together a list of everything I’d like to get done. Usually not as far out as a year, with me, it’s more like a month or two. And what always ends up happening is I get, almost anxious thinking about all the things I want to work on, and that anxiety prevents me from ever really focusing on anything. Not that it’s a bad idea to get a plan together, but it definitely helps [me] to focus on just one or two small, obtainable goals. Instead of trying to knockout a whole list. That way, even if you only get a couple things done this year, at least you gave them the time they deserved, and got them done properly. One finished project, is always better than seven incomplete.

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