Time out

Did anyone else notice that YouTube has changed around a bit recently?

Speaking of which, and so I can tie in with the title of this entry – love this track (especially the chorus part around 1 minute in).

I’ve just returned back from my first “sort of” holiday all year. If only the weather was as kind as it is in the above video was (very wet/windy). When I say “sort of” I mean it was a fleeting trip to the emerald isle, spanning over three days. Most of this was spent running around after the kids or travelling through pouring rain rather than actually having any “time out”. That said, when the heavens cleared I occasionally managed to snap a picture or two:

The shot above is taken from the most western point (supposedly) on the Irish mainland, overlooking St Macdara’s Island  (notice the chapel on the left). A bit more history here.

Coincidently, DSLR guru/film-maker Philip Bloom was just down the road at the same time in Galway (which I’ve since renamed “city of crazed roundabouts”) doing a workshop. Would have loved to have gone to this especially being as it was so near by, sadly not to be. This was to be about the only time I would spend thinking about films all weekend. I have since returned back feeling even more tired than normal and it’s taking me a day or two to get back “in the swing”. The trip therefore clearly helped! Thankfully writing this short blog entry and preparing to meet Sherilee tomorrow where I get to see a rough cut of  Etiquette’s montage sequence is firing me up again. Whilst on the topic, those of you who twitter can now follow her (@Lelliemayfilms).

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