Seems I’ve broken the curse of blogging on a Friday evening and transferred it to a Saturday instead. Not sure which is worse, but at least I get to avoid X-Factor this way!

Recently as a film-maker I’ve been somewhat subdued creatively and my mind has been elsewhere. This is in part because I’ve been focusing on trying to landing a particular role (which sadly I’m not at liberties to divulge and didn’t get). It wasn’t meant to be! On one hand, I feel deflated after putting so much effort (which was pretty much all of my free-time) in and getting absolutely nothing back. On the other, I feel like I’ve been freed from a heavy burden which was beginning to take over. It does mean I can go back to concentrating on the things I love again. It also serves as a reminder about the amount of work us media types need to invest just to make things happen, and even then there are no guarentees. Strangely, the experience has left me feeling all fired up again! And the good news is that there are a few potentially interesting “other” projects on the horizon which I hope to get involved in, one way or another.

Been having a few meetings with various people recently. Sherilee about Etiquette and the new project, Bruce about Flanders (the theater play version). I also attended an interesting talk by Lisa Sargood, who is a BBC Commissioner. The talk was primarily aimed towards TV/Multi-platform for the academic arena (where I reside most of my time) focusing on her specialist area of science and nature. She has overseen the likes of Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Spring Watch, Frozen Planet, and LabUk. It was really interesting to hear what a commissioner is looking for and how to approach one. Firstly you need an idea (not necessarily just an elevator pitch). You also need to do your homework and approach the right outlet because ITV, Sky, BBC etc all take on different types of projects. From a multi-platform perspective, obviously social media is a biggie, there is also a lot of focus on creating games for learning purposes also. I was happy to see Zooniverse got a special mention in her talk (even though it isn’t a BBC related project). I have had some dealings with this site, so if you like Astrophysics it’s well worth checking out! The BBC look for partners who fit, although it sounds very much like they won’t provide money, they will just provide the numbers/exposure. If you want to learn more about BBC commissioning and what it involves then visit the BBC commissioning page.

On a more light-hearted note I saw this on Twitter the other night. This is one for all of those who love amazingly choreographed long takes such as the type you see in the likes of Children of Men, Oldboy, Tintin (yes, I finally ventured out to the cinema again at long-last). This one features the amazing Tony Jaa. If you aren’t already familiar with Tony Jaa, he performs all of his stunts (and gets hit) for real, because when he joined the film industry, he believed that was how things were actually done. Crazy man! Anyway, sadly he hasn’t made what I would call a truly great film yet (or at least not one that I’ve seen. Ong Bak is probably as close to a classic as he’s come). Even so – marvel at this (this was the fifth and final take, it took 17 days to choreograph).

The steadicam guy deserve especial praise, he is the real unsung hero of this (immaculate timing and all those stairs). Right, I now feel exhausted!


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