All Change!

Once again I find myself updating the Blog on a Friday evening. I’m beginning to wonder if this is the only free time I have! It’s barely been a few weeks since we finished filming Etiquette and already I’ve become completely restless, wanting to find another project to keep me out of mischief. Enter Gail Hackston (aka ScriptPunk) who I’ve been chatting with on Twitter. She pitched a few short ideas to me which I then narrowed down to a couple I’d consider. After reading, I’m happy to report I have selected a follow-up project which is called Spare Change.

This is a smaller project than either Gardening and other crime or Etiquette (my films are getting smaller in length – I’ll never get to make a feature at this rate). In other ways it will actually be more challenging technically speaking (did someone utter those words which every film-maker fears – “night-shoot”?). It is also quite a departure from the style of the previous projects (must keep shaking things up and pushing myself!). I’m thinking of releasing this as a charity project to raise awareness for homeless people.

It’s all rather exciting and very early days still. Suspect we would be looking to shoot this sometime early next year. I’m happy to say that Layla Mirmalek (who not only acts, but also produces some wonderful mural art – see below) has agreed to help with storyboarding.

Sherilee will also be returning as producer. In fact I will aim to retain as many people as I can from the last shoot as it went so smoothly. I will be speaking to Sherilee in more detail about this project over the next week. We will also be going over Etiquette editing. Our current estimate for releasing Etiquette is sometime around January/February. Our Indiegogo campaign has ended now and we raised $185, which after fees works out at about $137. Of course we spent (and will still need to spend) more than this, but even so I have to say a massive thank-you to every who contributed, it really helped!

Mentioning murals earlier reminds me of a local thing which saddens me. It appears that the wonderful Jericho mural in Oxford is being ripped down along with the wonderful building it hangs off.

(Special thanks to Max Bradbury who let me borrow his camera at lunch to take these snaps)

I was really hoping to use this building for a period project as it has some wonderful historical coffee/tea adverts over some of the windows (which I assume might even be a hang-over from the days of Window taxes). Such a shame! And what will be in it’s place? A Tesco store! We clearly need another Tesco store, especially as there is a Co-Op a few metres down the street. Ho-hum!

Anyway, below are a couple of photos I took of it when it first opened in 2009. It added a real vibrant splash of colour to the community. I know it was well loved by most of the locals also, will be sad to see it go!

You can also click here to see some photos by JudyGr.


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