Support Mk.II – the crew

So my last entry was covering supporting actors. This entry will cover the supporting crew. Again – fantastic bunch behind the scenes! Let’s begin with Adam Evans – our DoP (Director of Photography).

Adam Evans setting the scene

Adam did the second-unit direction with Sherilee on the Unspoken promotion. I remember commenting to Sherilee that I liked the look of some work on this and it turns out it was Adam’s work. Despite not having worked with Adam before, I  spent more time working with him than probably anyone else over the shoot.

Adam Evans working

He knew his stuff, worked quickly, used the natural light resources available, plus thankfully laid back and absolutely hilarious to be around! This man helped keep me sane (well as sane as I could ever be whilst directing on a film anyway)! I wonder if he ever will get that tattoo saying “we’ll fix it in post”? 🙂

Supporting us crew-wise (aside from the sound recordists, costumes and make-up) was Jim, Adam Radley and our young runner Michelle.

Jim, Adam and Michelle

Jim I had worked with before on my previous film, so I knew he would be a welcome and dependable addition to the team. It was great being able to work again, I was confident he would be able to help out in a number of different ways with his skill-ranges. He was responsible for doing some of the second-unit and behind the scenes filming.

Jim and Adam Radley

I dare say he got involved in many other things too – but my head was spinning so much I forget! As always, when thrown together in a situation such as this you end up learning more about each other. We stayed over at the location overnight and the place was seemingly crawling with spiders. I had no idea that Jim wasn’t a fan of spiders (I’m not sure I can post that message at the end of the films that says “no animals were harmed during the making of this production” – although technically we weren’t making the film at the time!). Strangely we found some female stag-beetles nearby, which he was much happier with – turns out he originally wanted to be an entomologist.

Adam Radley

Then we had Adam Radley who is a good friend (my best man, daughter’s god-father and Tardis builder). He was originally brought on as runner, but the role evolved somewhat to other aspects. Not least “Clapper-man!”.

Clapper - there's an app for that!

I knew from experience that we could throw all manner of things at him and he would respond. He also did some pretty nifty prop-sourcing with the Boxing gloves which were a last-minute addition and also helped out with the light blocking. Also responsible for overloading my senses by introducing me to Monster (aka. Red-bull on steroids). I no doubt needed this towards the end.


One of our biggest surprises over the weekend was Michelle. Sherilee and I have always stated that we like to give new talent a chance. Although Michelle had very little film-experience before our production, you never would have guessed this. She was professional, wise beyond her years and her ability/enthusiasm knew no bounds! She was constantly suggesting ways she could help out and we were only to happy to let her. She not only performed the essential role of writing down all the shot-information, she made props, took behind the scenes photos and helped out in so many other ways. She was really on the ball! I’m really pleased to say that neither Adam or Michelle could be classed as traditional runners, they were both priceless and dynamic additions to our team and I really hope they enjoyed the experience!


It wouldn’t be fair to finish without mentioning producer Sherilee or Ben Ewers both of whom also worked tirelessly all weekend. Ben was our behind the scenes photographer (he is strangely absent from these photos because, well, he was the one taking them), he also switched to behind the scenes filming also – in between all his running around between the locations. It was great having him around snapping through-out the weekend. As I acted as my own producer on the last film, I was curious to see how things would differ with Sherilee to help on this one. It seemed somewhat bizarre that the two of us (who had been working together for several weeks putting this little project together) didn’t actually get to speak more during the actual filming part. This is not because we didn’t get on – quite the opposite – I think we got on brilliantly. It seemed to be down to the fact most things were organised well in advance of the shoot and we both had different roles which we needed to perform. Sherilee’s main role was to keep the cast and crew happy behind the scenes when they were not shooting. She was also responsible for managing the data workflow/backup from the cameras (and making sure shots worked together). She also handled the catering, something the cast and crew looked forward to each day. Sherilee also seemed to have an amazing sixth sense and would bring over a cup of coffee or tea at just the right moment whilst checking everything was going okay and that we were going to make the schedule!

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