The invisible art of making us look good

I remember reading Chris Jones’ blog a while back and after this weekend totally agree that an under-appreciated aspect of Indie film-making is production design – in particular the two areas of make-up and costume. Of course, that is unless you are showcasing them for a particular genre let’s say either a horror or a period piece (the fun/budget-breaking stuff – which I will hopefully get to explore in more detail one day!).  But let’s not forget however that they do so much more than just this. Even in the what can be the most mundane of scenes, they make everybody look good and like they should belong in the world being created. It’s an invisible art, we only notice when it doesn’t work! I have to be perfectly honest and say that Diego and Rachael were probably the people I spoke to least during the actual filming process over the weekend. We had discussions a few weeks prior to the shoot. Other than this, I pretty much left them to manage their respective areas with the constraints we were under without treading on their toes. Which they did with flying colours! To be frank, this is *their* speciality skill and definitely not mine. There was absolutely no point where I needed to say “that doesn’t work” to either of them. They were both just brilliant and “got it” and “got on with it”.

Rachael handling our costumes

Rachael (above) not only managed the costumes throughout the shoot, she also added some wonderful touches to the looks of the characters such as horse-loving Alison or flamboyant Pierre. These costumes may only be on-screen for a few seconds, but a tremendous amount of thought and effort had gone into them even so. Attention to detail!

Diego prepares the foundation for Aunt Ethel

Likewise Diego who was our unflappable laid-back make-up artist, also went well beyond the call of duty. Not only did he make the characters look the part, he also watched us filming and stepped in to help with continuity. This in itself saved us a couple of small gaffes further down the line. I was seriously impressed with the professionalism of both Rachael and Diego. They were so eager it seemed a shame to not give them more to do! All in good time, I would happily work with both again and I would be keen to push their talents in future productions even further. A bit thank-you to you both for elevating the look/quality of the project no end!

Final touches for Lindsey who plays Denise

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