Location location location

Where are the charming Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer when you need them? 🙂 Anyway it looks like we have secured our main shooting location in a sleepy little village just south of Banbury. My main concern is how on earth the cast and crew will find it, so better work on some location signs!

Here are a few shots of the location from our recent recce:

Etiquette House

Kitchen/Dining area

Lounge Area

We are only two weeks away from the shoot and I have to say I feel pretty daunted at this prospect right now (also have been smacked down with the almost obligatory October cold). So much to do! Have been chatting to a number of cast /crew members behind the scenes. Last night I met with Jim Gwilliam to discuss the project, on Monday I’ll be meeting with Rachael to discuss costumes in more detail, that should be fun. There has been also been quite a bit of banter between myself and DoP Adam Evans, we have now decided on the look for the film. We have a pre-production meeting planned for everyone next weekend – that in itself  is proving to be quite an organisational undertaking. I’m sure it will all come together in the end, but already there are a significant number of compromises we have had to make on the project.

I did get one person asking for more information about Gardening and other crimes film, which I am giving away as a perk on the IndieGoGo campaign. I could just send them a link but I always like to exceed expectations if possible. One of the things I never did with that project was make a trailer for it. So that’s exactly what I had a go at doing. This was in a somewhat unorthodox manner to my usual trailer method. Ordinarily when making a trailer I would find a music track which sets the pace/tone and edit the footage to the track. With this however, I edited clips together first and thought “I’ll write a trailer track specifically to accommodate this”. Whilst this method works well when editing an actual film scene, it is significantly more difficult to do this for a trailer. It hasn’t really happened therefore and I still haven’t come up with a track. I’ll probably write a track and then re-edit to this. Having said all this, I did somewhat bizarrely come up with this rather pensive piece which I called Serene Beauty. So much for trailer music, which was the original intention! It uses exactly the same chord progressions which were used for a piece in the original Gardening film score. Obviously the tone/orchestration is quite different, I loved writing the solo alto-flute melody. I was just playing around really, so thought I’d post this on! Meanwhile, with filming closing in – I may not have time to finish the trailer piece before shooting – I’ll keep you posted.

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