It’s all Go GoGo!

Firstly – this link below – click on it before we go ANY further:

Thanks! Right, now hopefully the rest of this post might make more sense.

So as you can see I’ve finally bitten the bullet and taken the plunge into the murky realms of IndieGoGo (with no prior experience). IndieGoGo for those who aren’t familiar is a project funding website which many film-makers use to raise money (there are several others such as Kickstarter). This is known as Crowd-sourcing and seems to be the new way of doing things, but already I feel like arguing that this method is showing signs of “over-saturation”. Much like trying to get noticed on Twitter (or indeed the film-making industry), unless you are already established within the network (or a celebrity), you are really going to have to SHOUT to get noticed in amongst the noise (or keep repeating yourself ad-infinitum). That is sadly going to be me!

If you do follow me on Twitter I’m going to apologise to youΒ in advance (with a somewhat shameful feeling) because all this self promotion isn’t an area I particularly enjoy,Β  more of a necessary evil. I totally understand if you ignore half of my tweets for the next 40 days or so, but the sooner we can reach our target the sooner I will stop banging on! πŸ™‚ Otherwise 40 days of hell for us both! The current King of Crowd-sourcing promotion seems to be Ad Lane with his Zombie movie Invasion of the not quite dead. I wish him the best with this, sounds great fun and he has some strong supporters. This is despite the fact he just ignored my offer of doubling any sponsorship he pays for etiquette on his project and changing the dollar sign into a pounds one.Β  πŸ™‚ As a proposition – I’d argue paying $25 to receive Β£50 back seemed like a good deal to me – I’m obviously no good at this! πŸ™‚

Being relatively new to crowd sourcing but having observed it for a couple of months – it seems far too many people are too fixated purely in “taking money” and have no interest in what other benefits it can offer – such as expanding your network/market or the offer of help amongst other struggling film-makers (even if they can’t afford to sponsor the project – they may be able to help in other ways). This month (as I have been doing for the past few months) I have decided to help support another project. This month it falls to Ollie Jones’ Power…less – an ambitious short with a “Kick-ass” vibe which looks fantastic fun (there are still a few days left to help him if you want also). Check out some of his updates – I particularly liked the costume video – great stuff!

You see, I’m not so good at this – I’m much more contented when I’m promoting anyone but myself!Β  πŸ™‚

Now I know I can’t even begin to compete with Ollie or Ad and their projects on a visual level, so the level of funding I’ve requested ($650) reflects this. However what we do have in our favour is something 100% deliverable, which has a superb script, some great characters and which strives not just to put money on-screen but to help others in the process also. Plus it’s really funny – did I mention that? Any funds raised would go toward making our talented cast/crew more comfortable because they are donating their time and effort in this project without being paid! Of course it might also allow us to hire some additional equipment which will make the film look more slick. We have also pledged that if our $650 target is met that 10% of the final money raised goes to the charity Cancer research, which is in keeping with my previous effort where I donated funds to the local hospital’s heart unit.

As with most crowd funding, in return for donations, people tend to get “perks”. If there are any extras you would like to see or contributions you feel you can add to the production, this is a two-way channel, so please get in touch! I’m feeling generous right now, so you might find that some additional rewards could come your way! πŸ™‚ Meanwhile let’s see how we go with this (hopefully I can raise $50, although this would barely even cover our IndieGoGo’s fees). This is a brave new world for me, and I fully expect to fall flat on my face with this fund-raising, so please conspire to prove me wrong! πŸ™‚

Just to remind you (shameless plug number 2) – here is the page again:

Click on it, if only to re watch us looking somewhat dazed during the brief 5 minute break we got during the casting process. And remember that donations are in Dollars ($) rather than GBP (Β£) – so $10.00 is currently around about Β£6.40 or so.

In a somewhat timely manner, the talented Jo Grover, who I had the privilege of knowing way back in the days when she was a web designer rather than doing special make-up for the likes of Harry Potter, X-Men and Doctor Who posted this on her Facebook page today:

I couldn’t resist the urge to respond with:

I’d search and replace “will” to “want to”, but it’s all down to how much passion you have for a particular project. I’ve one on the go which everyone (myself included) is doing completely voluntarily because we “want to” make it. If any of you kept/rich paid artists would like to support our team effort, then be my guest! πŸ™‚

I posted a plug to the IndieGoGo page – obviously this wasn’t intended to be entirely serious, but the original post does seem to highlight the different attitudes between those of us who do this for fun or because we want to and those who do this professionally for a living. I just have a nagging sense that as soon as money is introduced it a project it is not longer about the “art” side of things – making the results just that bit more soulless.

I’ll be intending to make another post shortly (as in this week also on IndieGoGo) about our cast. I’ve been meaning to cover this for a few days now. I’m really happy to be able to report that the film is now fully cast – phew! I’d personally like to thank all of our actors for believing in our project and wanting to be part of the adventure!


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