Casting – Round one

Just a quick update. Sherilee and I held our first casting session last night along with Jeff (our runner) and Ben Ewers (who is handling production stills) – want to say a big thank-you to you all for your efforts.

The first thing I recall about it was how difficult it must have been for the actors and actresses that came in. I guess this is why they are actors and I am the person who sits behind the camera. Only I didn’t – I occasionally found myself stepping in-front of the camera so the actors had someone to bounce-off. Aside from my dismal efforts on camera I have to say there was a wonderful display of talent, also surprising to see how varied they all were in their individual approaches.  An extremely enthusiastic and likable bunch too! Some fit their characters like a glove, some took the scripted characters and did unexpected things with them or gave them motivations or histories we didn’t see coming – opening up a huge range of possibilities. A special mention should go to the people who travelled a significant distance especially to turn up. Of course there were one or two inevitable “no shows” – but to be honest we were so busy chatting away that there weren’t any gaps in the schedule. The worst part about this process is that at some point we have to make some decisions on who ends up getting a role and to be honest – I would happily work with any of them.

The other thing when I think back is how completely exhausting this process is. I didn’t feel this at the time because I was caught up in the moment, by the time I’d returned home at 11pm – boy was I was ready to drop! The good news is that we go and do exactly the same thing again on Friday. Can’t wait, but hope for a good night of sleep afterwards (kids are you reading this?).

Just noticed a very timely video entry on Chris Jones’ blog: “How to attract actors to your project” with Jessica Hynes and Stephen Mangan.

One final bit of news before I bow out for the evening, I have finally updated some of the content on my website – feel free to send some feedback on:

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