Casting Call

Despite both feeling exhausted, Sherilee and I had our second Etiquette production meeting last night. Things feel like they are beginning to take form now. The current aspect that we are focusing our attention on is casting. This is an area which I find particularly exciting – it’s where the characters actually come to life.

Below is a brief one sentence synopsis and the official breakdown of the characters:

Etiquette is a comedy short following the mishaps of Trevor who is once again faced with his two worst fears in life: being social and the fairer sex.

Main character, socially inadequate character who enjoys his own company. He is uncomfortable in social situations so gives off an air of awkwardness. Aprox age 25 to 30 years. Build is average/Slim, and he is average height to tall. He is generally bumbling and awkward. He is the partner of our other main character Joanna. He is at times borderline OCD with his weird and wonderful foibles, he is happiest when making checklists. He likes documentation, he can relate to static words written on a page and analyse them in his own time, unlike the dynamic nature of “people”. Hobbies might include “boys toys” such as remote-controlled cars, model making, gadgets and gizmos. Tends to dresses officiously in plain shirts and trousers with “shiny shoes”. Trevor is somewhat lost when Joanna isn’t around – and he has to use his checklists to help him out of trouble.

Main character, she is confident and outgoing very socially sure of herself. She accepts Trevor’s inadequacies but has become slightly tired by them. She is between 25 and 30 years old, slender build and average height. She is generally patient and calm but has a tendency to explode at Trevor when his inadequacies become too much. She is confident and outgoing and enjoys meeting new people and social gatherings.

Aunt Ethel:
Very stereotypically old-fashioned, she is short and quite dumpy. Age is 65 years plus. She is a busybody who is very bossy and enjoys speaking her mind no matter who it may offend. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly and is naturally suspicious of strangers. She is happiest when moaning about the younger generation and reminiscing about “the olden days”.

Joanna’s friend from work. She is tall and slender, in her mid to late 20’s and very well to do. She is kind but rather naïve. She enjoys the outdoor life. She recently came out of a long and bad relationship having been cheating on and treated very badly. She is also very sociable and enjoys the company of others.

Denise is Joanna’s friend. She is tall and slender and holds an elegant presence, she is also in her mid to late 20s. She has just come out as being a lesbian. She has always been the wild child of the bunch who enjoys partying and until recently short relationships with men. She is very image conscious and gets easily stressed.

Sharon is Joanna’s sister. She is slim and average height in her early 20s. She is quite quiet and less outgoing than her sister. She is very sweet and somewhat innocent. She is very body conscious so always watches what she eats and enjoys regular excercise. She is the most contented and balanced out of the group.

Another of Joanna’s friends. He is in his mid to late 30s, medium built, height average. A rather handsome French man. Very touchy feeling, bubbly and social. A hit with the ladies if only because they keep trying to speculate on his sexuality (truth be told, he loves himself over a particular gender).

If there are any budding thespians reading this (or you know of any) who are interested (especially around the Oxfordshire area), then please do get in contact. Casting sessions will be held on Tuesday 13th September and Friday 16th September in Oxford after 6pm. I can provide further details upon request. The casting will also shortly be posted on Casting Call Pro  and StarNow.

Right, I’m now starting to feel that slightly anxious but completely exhilarating buzz now – exciting times! Will update these developments in a couple of weeks or so.

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