It’s About Time and Space

If you are anything like me, you never have enough time (what with family commitments, full-time job, wanting to make a film and everything else life throws at you in the meantime).

Spookily enough in my back garden one of these has miraculously materialised.

How cool is that? This was built by my good friend Adam (if I ever need a set for a film – he is now going to be the first person I will ask about the job). I can’t help but feel he is in the wrong career (which is how I feel sometimes). Anyway, whether this means I get travel back in time to do things far more efficiently still remains to be seen. And yes, it is bigger on the inside! 🙂

Moving on to film-making matters, I had my kick-off production meeting with Sherilee on Tuesday to discuss Etiquette in more detail. These are now likely to be a weekly occurrence. Here are some details I can divulge:

1. We are aiming to shoot this mid-October over a weekend, with a follow-up shoot a few weeks later (to improve audio or get additional shots – if these are required). We are currently looking to shoot the project on a Canon 5D.

2. We will shortly be looking for cast and crew.

Crew wise – we have been talking to a DoP (I must hold off announcing who until it’s 100% confirmed), production stills, costumes and make-up also appear to be sorted. The rest (in particular Sound, lighting) are still up for grabs!

Casting wise – we are planning to hold a few casting sessions during the week beginning of 12th September. There are 7 characters we need to fill, most of which will be aged mid 20’s-early 30’s (4 female roles and 2 male roles in this category). We also need an older actress aged 65+.

I’ll probably announce more about this shortly, but if you fancy jumping the gun and joining in the adventure, please send me an email at and we can talk further.

3. We are location scouting for the shoot (in the Oxfordshire region ideally). The main requirement for this is to have a good-sized kitchen/dining area, ideally with a front door/entrance to hallway and lounge area. A consideration when filming it is to make sure you have lots of space. It is amazing how little room you can have time you put a few actors in a scene, with the camera crew, sound recordists, lighting, director and continuity. We are still open to suggestions here (if anyone want to immortalise their house on film and can handle the disruption, please get in touch!). Worst case, there are a few options available we can go with – but I always view a location as an additional character in a film, therefore I feel I need to push to see what is out there to be discovered.

4. We might dip our toes into the murky waters of indiegogo. Realistically, I’m not expecting terribly much from this, but *any* additional funds can help us raise the quality of the final production in some way – be it improving costumes, props or filming equipment. I will keep you posted on this. Any contributions would of course be met with rewards! 🙂

The fact we have dates planned is very important as it really focuses the mind. It is far too easy to be “thinking” about making a film rather than actually getting on and “making” one. I confess that I’ve been guilty of this from time to time. Now the ball is rolling, I’m going to be a very busy bee for the next couple of months or so (general life is also looking pretty hectic during this period also). So I’m off to see if I can get the Tardis to help me in my quest.

ps. My film-making plug for this post is Magda Olchawska’s wonderful film-making blog. She has a wealth of useful and practical film-making information on here,  so I definitely recommend paying it a frequent visit.

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