I predict a riot

Just a quick update commenting on recent events in the country, which are making it extremely difficult for me to concentrate on anything film-making related.

It’s scary to think that I was here just over a week or so ago! It’s also amazing to think how quickly things have escalated over the past weekend (one of the curses of modern technology).

Above video created by Kris Thompson – this has clearly been filmed using DSLR.

Now I won’t go too much into the politics of this, but needless to say the scale of the destruction and sheer lack of respect for human life/property makes me feel sick to my core. Scenes such as this sicken me even more and watching that made me feel extremely depressed.

The current events have also been affecting film-makers, even the established ones such as the Sherlock team who led by director Paul Mcguigan, have had to cancel the days shoot and fall behind schedule. As if film-making wasn’t hard enough as it was! Even in Oxford we haven’t been totally immune, although the scale is frankly nowhere near as devastating as the bigger cities. Here there has mostly been a lot of reported misinformation, thankfully the train-station, shopping centres were not closed as first reported and I hope there is no trouble which occurs during the rest of this evening. I did notice that one of the bus shelters in Abingdon between the Hospital and Police headquarters had been vandalised – no doubt a pathetic attempt at recreating the larger scale destruction!

One thing which I would love to see however (being the human mass of contradictions I am – I’m guilty of this – especially as I posed the clips above), is for the media focus less on the negative of what these rioters are doing (it’s just giving them the type of exposure they love), and more about how the community is pulling together as a result of their actions. It’s heart-warming to read on Twitter that people have been trying to do positive things and as I type this currently, the top trend is #riotcleanup. Let’s hope these events overshadow the earlier actions, let’s see some more of this “Dunkirk spirit“, long may this altruism continue!

Meanwhile, I hope everyone reading this is managing to remain safe at this rather troubling time.


One response to “I predict a riot

  1. See – this type of behaviour restores my faith in humanity:

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