The Big Push!

The Big Push (Somme 1916)

The Big Push (Somme 1916)

I’ve been told that low-budget film-making is like going to war. One of the things I feel about low-budget film-making (and goodness knows I’m likely come up with more and more of these “feelings” in this blog) is that it should all be about over-coming obstacles and pushing for more than you thought was humanly possible (so I guess the analogy sounds correct).

I’ll admit in the past I’ve been guilty of producing some pretty bland stuff, mostly because there was a distinct lack of trying to achieve more than what was required. It astounds me how wasteful some of these big-budget films are and how they lack ambition (I saw The Tourist last night – it made me somewhat sad considering the talents involved that the piece was so deeply predictable and mediocre). I have to say, Jim Cameron for his faults does at least try to push the boat out with his films (that’s not a poor Titanic pun by the way).

Hollywood aside and back to reality, even at the absolute worst level just finishing a low-budget movie is a massive achievement. Many low-budget films don’t even get to see the light of day (or so I’ve been told). Of course I’d feel personally devastated if I didn’t emerge with a completed film at the end of the process – no matter how good or bad (you can generally learn far more from failure than success anyway). But I also need to feel that sense of pride for attempting to push harder for things – my mantra is that you need to work hard for anything worth having. It’s important to think big, even if the idea gets worn away (perhaps even dropped totally) and sometimes this forces you to be even more creative. The audience might not care about the blood, sweat and tears I went through to secure something at short notice which might only last for mere seconds on-screen. But this is what makes it all worthwhile for me, especially if ends up enhancing the overall film. That is a wonderful warm feeling and the beauty is that this behaviour can become infectious with the cast and crew too. Win/Win!

Anyway, I’ve been feeling a bit more positive with the networking I’ve been doing over the past few days. I’ve had one or two interesting responses now, I hope to post more details about these at a later point. But for now, I think I really need to concentrate on is sorting out that “two script” situation with Bruce.

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