Networking baby! Calling all Storyboard Artists and Producers!

Help, I really need a producer for this project!

I find it strange how people seem to accept a handful of writers working on the same project as par for the course, but this is generally not the case for directors (unless they are related such as The Hughes Brothers or The Coen Brothers). I guess the exception to this rule might be people like Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodrigeuz for the likes of Four Rooms, Sin City, Grindhouse – but that’s cheating as they really individual parts of the same film. It seems unless this collaborative effort is announced at the start – the film is the vision of one person. (thanks to writer Rhys Lewis helping to decipher this with me). Of course that is unless things really go wrong!

Anyway,  back to the writers – I’m presented with an interesting situation. I have two individual third drafts for A Letter to Flanders. The first completely written by Bruce (perhaps with some ideas collaboration behind the scenes). The second which has just fallen into my Inbox is by Simon. This takes Bruce’s original work and adapts it where he feels work is required. I’m curious to see how the two compare, but that does leave me with needed to merge the best of both seemlessly at some point. I’ve no idea how radical this re-write is, but I’m somewhat looking forward to finding out and somewhat apprehensive of what to do if it is. As the story is Bruce’s baby, Simon has now graciously stepped aside and it will be up to us to fix all of the shards Simon has thrown up in the air. I’m sure this is a slightly unorthadox way of working by most independent film-makers.

I had a meeting with Bruce today to discuss plans – aside from passing on the new alternate draft three. Bruce was originally going to write a short version of the script which could be filmed to try and attract investors. Not a terrible idea, however I suggested that perhaps we needed to find a storyboard artist to choreograph some of the more ambitious parts instead. The problem with the filming is that we would not have too much resource or time to throw at this right now, and things behind the scenes could change. A talented Storyboard artist could work miracles and give a great idea of what the vision might be without completely being breaking the bank. The fact I’ve been looking for a Storyboard artists seems to suggest that I’m wearing my producer cap again. The core problem with my last production was that I co-wrote, produced, directed, edited and composed. This was utter madness and almost certainly had some knock-on implications with the production.

So what I am really saying is – Help, I really need a producer for this project!

I’ve been doing a little bit of networking to this end behind the scenes, there have been a few hopeful signs of interest – not that this means anything at this stage. With two scripts rather than one and no producer – I still feel in limbo. If there are any Storyboard Artists or Producers who would like to become involved or just have a general chit-chat to say “Hi”,  please get in touch

Oh and Help, I really need a producer for this project!

I wonder if anyone spotted the subtle subliminal theme I sprinkled through-out this post?

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