In the beginning…

Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ll be perfectly honest here – I’ve never blogged before!  In fact I hadn’t even been on Twitter (@andycarslaw) before a few days ago. How shocking is this for a web developer by trade? I won’t be delving into the reasons for my reluctance at this point, but what brought about this whole Web2.0 change of heart?

Mostly it is to document my candid efforts (and quite possibly failures) trying to get my latest project off the ground. This will also spill over into general film-making, some day to day stuff perhaps encompassing other areas and aspects I enjoy such as film-scores. It is also an opportunity to try and get people who read this blog involved in the project, goodness knows I will need all the help I can get!

So what is this aforementioned project? Well, it’s an ambitous feature film called “A Letter To Flanders” which is a love story set mostly on the home-front during The Great War. At present I am developing the script with Bruce Shakespeare who is the main brains behind the story. Simon Dillon who I collaborated with on my original short film (Gardening and other crimes) is also on-board to add some polish. The story has already been performed as a short 30 minute radio-play for the Bunbury Banter Theatre Co.

Obviously film and radio are two entirely different beasts and a fair bit of extra development was required. Ordinarily as a film maker expanding a short would fill me with complete dread. However I felt the original premise was a strong one and it’s been pretty painless moving this from a 30minute radio play to a 2 hour (or so) film. The original characters have been transformed (one or two quite dramatically), but things now feel more rounded and three-dimensional, back-stories are now expanded in satisfying manner to explain motivations. And of course there are a couple of war-scenes. Essentially I think the the story structure is more or less there now, we now just polishing off a couple of the rougher edges. So you want to know more? Well here is the overview:

Set against the turmoil and horrors of the Great War,  A Letter To Flanders  tells a love story that flourishes against the odds.

When Corporal Toby Hartwell and Private Freddy Masters receive a “text” message written in chalk on one of their artillery shells from England they decide to thank these “Canaries” for their war effort by paying them a visit at the earliest opportunity.

Amy Bishop and her best friend, the worldly wise, Betty Warren, are these “Canaries” and soon get hooked up with the “Tommies”, for better or worse.

In a juxtaposition of the horrors of the Western Front and the deprivations of Britain’s Home Front the lives of these four combatants are changed forever as their love blossoms. But this is war and they are all cogs in the Great Machine that rolls relentlessly on.

Will their love endure?  Will they survive?  The odds are stacked against them.

Okay, as they in those Looney-toons cartoons, That’s all folks (for now), but I hope you will check back for an update soon! I aim to update this blog several times a week. This may be more or less depending on how things are progressing.


One response to “In the beginning…

  1. Still working on my draft of the screenplay – hopefully by the end of this week it will be finished.

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