2 Dec – Children and Animals

As a well known saying in Showbiz goes: never work with children or animals. The Choice had both.

Our baby was an absolute dream. The only real difficulty was stopping the cast/crew cooing and getting her to relinquish the penguin toy. She was the most tolerant baby we could have wished for.

Baby on film

Then there was Marley the cat. Poor Marley was taken out of his natural environment and considering this, did remarkably well. I must confess to laughing at the B-roll footage of Phil (with his increased frustration) trying to get Marley to perform a basic task such as running down stairs.

Marley the cat

There were also a couple of canine friends keeping team morale up as well.

Here is stick-fetching Indy (for some reason I can’t get John Rhys Davis’ accent out of my head whenever the name is mentioned now) chatting with our camera-man/DOP Danny Macgregor-Gill.


And here is Labradoodle Zozzy, who is one of the more tranquil dogs I’ve met (unless silver foil is introduced into the mix).


All things considered, it has to be said that we were amazingly lucky with both children and animals. As many film end-credits will tell you: “No children or animals were harmed during the making of this film” (although some members might have been droooled upon).


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