1 Dec – Christmas is coming

So the Christmas adverts have hit (which were no doubt filmed over the summer). I remember rediscovering a few childhood gems converting my old VHS tapes years ago from analog to digital (anyone else do that?). Even though not Christmas related, my favourite retro advert is this.

This year there are two very different but well made Christmas adverts. The first looked sure to be the winner early on – yes, John Lewis went all cute and cuddly for Monty the Penguin:

Purely by chance, we even have our own “Monty” for The Choice:

It's all about the Penguins!

Monty was upstaged once the Sainsbury’s advert came along however, marking the centenary of WW1 with a more powerful and arguably superior effort:

If you look back to the first ever Ferny Films blog post, there is a World War One link. Even though time and projects have moved on, I’m glad to say I’m just as excited about making (short) films now as I was when I started this blog, and what are these adverts if they aren’t “short films” in their own right?


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